Finding Compassion and Strength Through Struggle

Me and a friend were recently having a conversation.  He is a Reiki healer and has helped me through a lot. He told me that he is able to help others so much because he has stood in their shoes before and understands what it is like to be in their struggle, yet also knows … Continue reading Finding Compassion and Strength Through Struggle


Letting Go Of Shame

We have all experienced shame at some point in our lives. The feeling of there being something inherently inadequate or wrong with us. A lot of parents, teachers, religions and twitter followers use shame as there main tool of instilling their idea of "good" behavior in others. Now there is nothing wrong with holding someone … Continue reading Letting Go Of Shame

Anxiety Sucks(Obviously) -Lets Do Something About It

Anxiety is becoming an increasingly common affliction of today's day and age. Our lives in becoming more and more, stressful, overstimulating and fast paced. We spend more hours working, and less hours relaxing. Even time off is filled with immersive video games, distracting technology and fear based media (wow I never thought I'd sound like … Continue reading Anxiety Sucks(Obviously) -Lets Do Something About It

Why Meaning Is So Important

Unless we're a college hippy or some sort of activist(that same college hippy years later) chained to a tree, the thought "what is the meaning of life", probably rarely crosses our minds (except for Monte Python references, or having really bad hangovers). It seems irrelevant, some sort of philosophical rabbit hole with no satisfying answer outside of Disney movies, and … Continue reading Why Meaning Is So Important